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Friends only ♥ [29 Sep 2012|05:30pm]


[.1.] Please make sure to comment here when you add me. I don't know you added me if you don't comment.
[.2.] If you are a friend of mine or I just know you because you live in the same town, unless you are a very dear, close friend, I probably won't add you back. It's nothing personal, I just don't like having people in my town spreading my business.
[.3.] DoN`t TyP3 lyK diisz. I hate it. It makes you look stupid.
[.4.] Sometimes I update 100 times a day. Sometimes I don't update for two weeks. Sometimes I'll comment on your entries every time you update for like a month straight. Sometimes I won't comment at all for a month straight.
[.5.] I will be looking at your journal and info before adding you, to make sure you're no one trying to be someone you're not. There's a lot of shady people out there and there's a lot of people who would just love to know what I was doing all the time. If something's shady, I'll ask you about it.

And that's all :)
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